BEAUTIVA®.com Writer, Photographer, Entrepreneur Ontario Arts Council Grantee: Domain Assumptions

Glen R. Jackman and wife
Catherine 2002

Over 40 years since my first grant with the Ontario Arts Council, I achieved a degree in software programming and became successful in publishing finance. My art had to play second fiddle. Getaway breaks with my camera helped me retain balance.

My father was both an entrepreneur and eccentric 8mm movie maker, who exercised his love of camera work by making short films, some animated pieces that were, quite genius. Thus, I attribute my initial love for the camera to his gift of a Kodak box camera at age 10. Since that day, I have used the camera as a creative outlet, eventually travelling the world every three months looking for new places to ply my arts, which have been mostly hidden in a journey of self-discovery.

Thank you for your interest in Beautiva®.com. The images contained on this site are for professional perusal with a login for gallery curators. The site will host various themes, often abstract. All photographs are under Trademark and are protected by Legal Copyright. My goal is to place the entire collection on this site over time. Curators, I hope you enjoy. I would be happy to do web meetings to show you more work as it is added, and grant access to sections of the work ready for showing, once an agreement to protect copyright is signed.

You can contact me here.